OCF Lime Green Friday

Since 2006, the opening day of fair has been known to many as Lime Green Friday. Lovers of the lime dress head-to-toe in lime, gather together at the opening gate, and parade through the fair sharing the joy of lime with all. We hope you enjoy our lime memories and get inspired to join us the next time we lime up in person.


A History of Lime by Stephen Limeking

This year would have been the fifteen running of the unofficial, spontaneous, rogue Lime Green Friday movement.  It had its beginnings at the formal Friday Cocktail Party in Traffic Camp at the 2005 Fair.  And yes, alcohol was involved!

In some tipsy conversation being batted about, someone suggested that everyone present should agree to all dress in some uniform color on Friday of the next year’s fair (2006).  Hot pink was discussed, orange had its proponents, but after much discussion, lime green was agreed upon. Dana Merryday came back to Decon Camp from the party all enthused about the idea, and told Amber Sparks and then promptly forgot about it in the ensuing months. Amber, who is very into costumes, finery, and dressing up, was also doing Decon crew registration that year, and when she contacted Dana about working the next fair asked, “Are we still having Friday be lime green day?? That is what you said last year…let me know so I can let others know.”

If it hadn’t been for this little prod, Lime Green Friday would have probably gone the way of all other idle talk.  Dana dashed off a quick letter to the Fair Family News inviting people to wear lime, and about 20 people participated in that first year, 2006.  Since many of the early participants came from the Decon Crew, Lime did acquire a home there in Decon camp.  Serendipitously it turned out that for that first lime year, the security crew’s crew shirts were bright light green so there was a lime presence everywhere.

In another lucky turn of events, that small group of original Limeys were walking around the fair together and when they were by the Blue Moon Stage the Circus parade happened by.  In a spontaneous movement the Lime people jumped in and tailed the parade for the rest of their route. This tradition continued until 2018.  By that time, the Limeys had become quite numerous and it was hard to find out where the circus people would form up (try getting a straight answer from a bunch of clowns), so we decided that it was time to do our own thing.  For the 50th fair the Lime Greens broke away and formed their own parade.

Other notable Lime events that have evolved are taking a group picture at Rebo’s Gazebo after the parade, joining Peachi the Dragon on Friday (Peachi added a lime stripe down her back and her attendants donned lime in solidarity), a meet and greet at Dragon Plaza before opening on Friday, and forming a Facebook group “OCF Lime Green Friday.” 

The neat thing about the lime movement is that it gives fair family members a chance to participate in something no matter what their role in the fair is.  If they are a crafter they can still dress in lime and festoon their booth with some lime.  If they are a working crew member and stuck on shift, they can still add Lime to their crew shirt outfit and participate.  Even members of the public have caught on and now show up head to toe in Lime.  It has also proven a gateway to allow regular folks who never considered themselves performers to dip their toes into the world of hamming it up.  For something completely pointless, the Lime Green Friday movement has spread throughout the fair and become a part of the overall Fair life, adding color, fun, and silliness that anyone can latch on to.  “All you need is lime, dah te dah te dah!”