Photo ID Crew

Is There a Starchild Wolfden Laserlips Here? Your Lam is Ready!

What’s a Lam? What’s your Fair Name? What’s the function of Crew Photo ID? What’s the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow?

Creating collectible OCF memorabilia every year since 1992, Photo ID makes official and personalized OCF IDs for Fair Family: wearable art to move you and yours securely through Fair, 24 hours a day during the event. We also create ‘unofficial’ Fun Passes for Fair attendees, which are just as collectible, but won’t get’cha past the nightly Sweep.

2019’s Golden 50th marked Photo ID’s 27th year at Fair! What began with simple Polaroid tech has adapted to the digital age through many Fairs of heat and rain, dust and mud, mosquito swarms and power outages, to consistently deliver the Lams! Family folk dress up and line up to have their wristbands skillfully clipped off – we’ve never lost a patron! – tell us their ‘Fair Name’ and their Crew or Booth connection to the event, then wait in our lovely lobby for our talented photographers to snap a beautiful image. The images are delivered to our crew printers and laminators, our highly sophisticated mouse-proof workstation where wristbands, official OCF Passes with your Fair name, and your smiling photo are lammed together to become a colorful addition to your Fair Wear!

Many of our Family have Fair Names, special monikers either chosen or gifted. For those without, Photo ID booth installed our Wheel of Fair Names for people to spin, allowing magic of the Wheel to pick a name. Sometimes people fall in love with these insta-names and keep them forever. Other years, it’s a different name every Fair.

People relax and reunite in our friendly shaded waiting area, which includes dress up costumes and props to borrow for more fun, or in case there wasn’t time to unpack your Fair garb. Photo IDs are still just $5 after all these years – which covers lam and printing costs, and helps raise funds for OCF.

Many folks collect a Photo ID Lam every Fair, flicking through them like an animation flip book to see how much better looking they’ve become through the years! Over the course of four days, we serve up fresh Lams to hundreds of Fair Family & Friends. If someone is missing a year from their Lam collection, we’re often able to create a retro-pass from our previous year(s) leftovers. Though not an ‘official’ Fair ID, retro-passes can complete a collection!

Crews such as Fire and Security who need to have access to all areas of Fair for emergency situations receive special overlays inside their lams. Families often collect Fun Passes for children or friends who don’t need official Fair IDs but still want to cherish the memory. For Fair Family kids, we include parent/guardian contact info inside their Fun Pass Lams– really helpful in finding lost parents for our youngest Fair Family members! People have occasionally asked us to include a flower petal, a lock of hair, even a mosquito inside their Lams!

Although our booth, crew and process continues to evolve, our goal remains ever the same: delivering your hot fresh Lams! Photo ID is a first stop for many and we love welcoming our Family home each year.

Looking forward to seeing you again, just inside the Tail o’ the Dragon!