Haute Trash

Haute Trash is a non-profit organization that’s been presenting trash fashion shows for over 30 years. We create fashion out of trash in order to entertain, educate and empower others to rethink, reuse and recycle. Our show seeks to break down the boundaries of stereotypical beauty and fashion by celebrating bodies of all sizes, shapes and ages through humor and satire. Haute trash is a troupe of resourceful artists who produce runway fashion shows featuring haute couture made from society‚Äôs trash. Through our art we will change the way you see the world.

https:// www.hautetrash.org

Haute Trash has been performing at the Oregon Country Fair since 2000. Our home base has been Stage Left, where we’ve performed pre-shows for Circus twice a day. We’ve also performed all around the fair: the Daredevil Palace, Energy Park, Chela Mela Meadow, and the Stewardship Stage. We delight in recruiting models for our show throughout the fair, welcoming people of all ages to strut our recycled fashions of the stage! Last year, we presented a very special show for the 50th Anniversary of the Fair. Every piece in our show was designed from trash found at the 2018 Fair. Everything from discarded bags from food vendors, to decorations discarded by the fair family. We called on our Fair Family to examine their waste, and put it to better use. We took part in a tribute to Chez Ray at Gritz La Ritz, showcasing a design made exclusively from Chez Ray masks! We look forward to someday returning to the fair and showcasing our designs!