The Community Village


The Village was started in 1976 as a place where the many social change organizations in Eugene and across Oregon could come together to network with each other and learn better ways to advance their causes. The Community Village has been part of the OCF experience ever since. The Village was a showcase for appropriate technology in its early years, including a composting toilet, a solar shower and an Aprovecho stove. When the appropriate technology part of the Village grew too large, a new space was found and named Energy Park.

Many basic services offered at the Fair began in the Village. We had the first Information Booth, the first area helping individuals with special needs, Alter-Abled Access and Advocacy (4-A), the first non-smoking area, the first non-profit area, the first camping security, the first Rainbow space, the first 6-pack and the first women’s urinal!

The groups involved in Community Village reflect all aspects of life. The current (2021) booths are: Peace & Justice (including Rainbow Village), Green Earth, Health & Healing, Life-Long Learning, Spirit, Little Village, 4-A, Youth Power, Arts, Wild Edibles, Doors of Expression, Cooperative Fruit, the Village Restaurant (Cafe Mundo), Intentional Communities, Master Gardeners, Moon Lodge, Information and the ComeUnity House rest stop. All Booths listed HERE.

The Community Village is a registered in Oregon as a Public Benefit with Members Domestic Non-profit Corporation, #1330764-97.
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In the midst of sparkling crystals, aromatic foods, and the river of people, rests an island of idealism, the Community Village. In the heart of the Oregon Country Fair, the Community Village promotes social/environmental awareness by providing a forum for the free communication of ideas. The process of putting together the Village is as significant as the end itself, as we organize cooperatively through consensus decision making. Beginning in 1976, we have grown from a modest display of appropriate technology to an intentional community involving the energies of individuals from many organizations.
The Community Village is a part of the OCF Family dedicated to education, information access, and networking for progressive social change. We have created a spiritual center manifesting the Village Vision of love, peace, trust, justice, cooperation, equality and social service. Believing in dreams, thinking of others, valuing differences and experimenting with new ideas, we hope to expand our consciousness beyond our morning circle, growing beyond the Fair and out into the world.

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A wonderful 13 minutes video of the why and who and what of the Community Village
A cute and fun tour of the Community Village from a Youth Power Booth participant
A sweet slide show of the Community Village and Oregon Country Fair over a decade. Music by Steel Wool Band.