CeDaR’s Virtual Empathy Tent

CeDaR team provides conflict resolution support to the Fair Family, and we offer a variety of services throughout the year for Fair-related interpersonal conflicts. During the three days of Fair, we specifically provide an Empathy Listening service at our booth. What is empathy listening, you may ask? Well, sometimes when you are involved in a conflict, you don’t really want or need someone else to help you resolve it, or perhaps you would prefer to just let it drop. But maybe you would still benefit from being able to talk through your issue in a confidential setting with someone trained in empathy listening. Just getting something off your chest may be all that you need to be able to move on. Empathy listening is a great tool for anyone navigating conflict.

For this year’s virtual fair, we are pleased to present live, virtual Empathy Listening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The CeDaR booth is located in the Dragon’s Tail at Dragon Plaza.

Please feel free to drop by during that time on any day of the fair and connect with one of our trained volunteers for an individual Empathy Listening Experience.

We also have pictures, music and more information about the work CeDaR does throughout the year.