Request a New Peach Page or Changes to an Existing Page

Hello Fair Family:

Do you have a compelling story to tell? Have you experienced magic, love or surprise at the Fair?  Are you an Artist, Entertainer, Booth Rep, an Elder, a Coordinator or Crew Leader – with images, a story, maybe a video or links to share? Or, have you been a day tripper with a sweet story to tell?

We have an idea to share with you: A new version of Peach Pages. They are not intended to be classified ads—but a place to share stories. Check out the existing Peach Pages, give it some thought and consider authoring a Page. All Peach Pages will be curated to fit the intention of storytelling, versus the selling of products or services. (Though that said, you can share websites and other links on your Page).

Submissions are not time sensitive but we appreciate receiving them well before the crunch of Fair time. We intend for the Peach Pages to be updated periodically throughout the year. To have your request well before the fair would be very, very helpful. It takes time to work with you to assure you like your page.

The ‘Peach Pages’ aka ‘Fair Lore-brary’ is a section of living, breathing, wondrous pages linked from the official Fair in the Clouds website that illuminate different areas, crews and experiences at the fair. We want your stories! Listings will receive one featured image on the directory page, and one page that can accommodate text, photos, embedded YouTube videos and other links.

Here is a list of information and documents needed for your Peach Page. To request a page you will be asked for identifying information, and your first ideas—personal information that will be held only by the Curator.

If you just need a change to an existing page you have authored use the link below and let the Curator know what you need. Depending on what you needed they may share a new content link with you.

  1. Contact Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Title of Your Peach Page
  5. Very Short description of your story
  6. Your featured, top image (jpg or png)
  7. Are you up for participating in collecting donations for OCF at your page?
  8. Any questions you might have

Here is a list of the Information and the documents you might want to gather for your Peach Page: No PDFs please. As soon as you story is accepted we will share a link for you to submit your page content.

  1. Your compelling Title
  2. Your featured top Image
  3. Text to your Story
  4. Additional images
  5. Video link
  6. Website link
  7. Facebook link
  8. OCF Donation link
  9. Other links

Requests will be handled in the order they are received. Peach Pages go through an approval process that can take some time. Filling out this form does not guarantee anything because, well, life is full of uncertainty. But we do our best, one day at a time.

Click on the Peach below to request your New Peach Page or a change to an existing page!